Tracy Dianne Nichols (Northby)
MEMORY: Renting the Emrick's beach condo for a week in the winter with my family. There was NOTHING to do but we laughed more and had a blast just being together. We played board games, walked the beach, found a shark washed up on shore (which I cried for hours about) and played catch at night with an emergency light wand - the kind you bend, break and shake and it lasts for hours.

MEMORY - ABOUT DAD: Making animal noises and instigating an animal impression contests at the dinner table. Also eating Dad's fried-egg-sandwiches while watching Bugs Bunny on Saturday mornings.
MEMORY - MOM: Telling us all to stop making animal noise at the dinner table but always giving up and joining in. Also her always abundant hugs, encouragement and tuna casserole. :o)
MEMORY - SIBLINGS: Jim crying outside my parents bedroom door when he knew I was getting punished and his wanting to help me...also Jim and I stuffing our pants with TP when we knew we were BOTH getting punished.....little devils!
MEMORY - SPOUSE: Soon-to-be-Spouse... Best memory: Ed on his knee proposing - very romantic. Silly memory: Ed hiding under the counter in an attempt to scare me as I walked by!
WORLD EVENT: I don't know - I'll have to think on this one a bit longer.