Edward Jan Northby
MEMORY - ABOUT DAD: When my father was convinced that our French made Le Car could take a Dukes of Hazard type jump while transporting two grown adults two kids and a dog. Let's just say it didn't make it! I cherish all of the times I've just sit and talked about current events and technology with my father.
MEMORY - MOM: My mother is my best friend. My favorite memories are of just the two of us going to the movies or having lunches and talking about the things going on in our lives.
MEMORY - SIBLINGS: I loved playing with katie when we were both really young. We used to build forts in the woods, wrestle in the snow and hunt turtles by way of foot and canoe. Protecting my sister from the world has always been my mission in life.
MEMORY - SPOUSE: Fiancé Tracy Nicholes (Northby).
World Event: 911 and the falling of the Berlin wall both represent opposite ends of the same spectrum of emotion for me. Both 911 and the fall of the Berlin wall changed the world in immeasurable ways.
IF I had 3 wishes they would be:
  1. To have the ability to make wishes come true without negative consequences.
  2. To have been there for my mother while she was sick
  3. For my sister to live a happy life